1. Does my policy cover services and allow for direct billing by the health care provider?

2. Is a prescription necessary under my policy for Massage Therapy?

3. When does my policy start and end in a calendar year?

4. How much coverage do I have for Massage Therapy?


*Some extended health benefit companies require a Physician’s Referral for Massage Therapy. You will need to contact them to find out. If this is the case, you must submit the referral to your benefit company (not us) PRIOR to your massage treatment date allowing adequate processing time.


  • We cannot Direct Bill for 2 hour massages to Sunlife due to restrictions within their system
  • The Direct Billing Portal we use does not always give us a response on the weekends. If this occurs, we will require payment for the service/treatment and can provide you with an invoice receipt to submit yourself for reimbursement
  • *Desjardins Insurance – Payment can only be sent to the plan member. Clients will need to pay at the time of the appointment, but we can submit the claim on your behalf.

Forms needed for direct billing

Please fill out and bring the following forms for your initial treatment if you wish for us to direct bill your insurance provider

We are pleased to offer direct billing for all major providers: