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Massage with a purpose

At Prieb Massage, all of our massages are customized specifically for you to accommodate how you’re feeling at the time of the massage. Our therapists will talk with you directly to assess what you would like to address during the treatment – 

to simply relax, to refresh sore muscles, to work on an injury.

Whether you’re wanting a massage to slow down and relax, or to get ready and refreshed to get outdoors again, we will provide you with the customized massage you need.

No matter what type of massage you choose to receive, the goal of  Prieb Massage therapy is 

to provide a service that enhances your physical health and sense of well-being while providing that in a relaxing and professional environment.

We don't skimp on time.

Our Registered Massage Therapists offer full 60 minute sessions, so you can relax into a full hour of hands-on time. 

Our sessions are tailored to your unique needs. 

Our sessions are tailored to your needs by each therapist, 

and designed to treat areas of tension and discomfort.

We ask our clients to provide us with a health intake form, so we can understand and address your needs. Please tell your therapist what areas are bothering you, so they can focus on helping you feel better!

Advanced Techniques




Trigger Point therapy is a highly effective technique that can be incorporated to alleviate chronic pain and muscular dysfunction in a specific muscle area.

It is a technique incorporated into Deep Tissue and Pain and Injury massage if the therapist finds that a trigger point is a cause of the problem the client 

is experiencing. 

A trigger point is a firm, palpable, highly irritable spot found in overused and fatigued muscle fibers that is generally characterized by extreme tenderness and referral of pain to a localized area. Commonly referred to as “knots”.



Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

This advanced massage technique, which uses a combination of passive stretching and isometric contractions (gentle resistance) is used to break neuromuscular holding patterns to help reset muscle holding patterns and overall length. 

It is used to make quick gains in range of motion to help athletes & tight individuals relax muscles and improve performance. With proper muscle resting length and good joint range of motion, you’ll have better biomechanics, less fatigue and decrease 

overuse injuries. 




Generally integrated with Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage is the firm use of pressure to affect the deep musculature and fascia of the body. Beginning superficially and slowly working into the deeper muscle layers, this technique focuses on targeted muscles and muscle groups.

Deep Tissue massage can be very therapeutic for those recovering 

from an injury, those dealing with chronic muscular pain or those 

suffering from arthritis. Deep Tissue massage helps to stop an over-active muscle from continuing to fire and causing symptoms of fatigue and 


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 Pregnancy massage is performed on a massage table while lying in a side position with many cushions and pillows supporting your body and baby to be most comfortable. Our therapists are aware of how best to encourage your body to relax and address specific pre- and post natal issues. We only offer this service to guests who are past their first trimester. 

Mobile Massage


While a majority of people are concerned about their health and well-being, many find it difficult to fit ‘me time’ into their hectic schedules. 

Mobile massage takes the traditional massage to the next level by utilizing portable equipment that brings the luxury of a massage directly to your doorstep.


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